Thursday, May 19, 2011

Morris Mini - Mini Moris - Mini Cooper

The Mini is a small car that was made by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successors from 1959 until 2000. The original is considered a British icon of the 1960s and its space-saving front-wheel-drive layout (which allowed 80% of the area of the car's floorpan to be used for passengers and luggage) influenced a generation of car-makers. The vehicle is in some ways considered the British equivalent to its German contemporary, the Volkswagen Beetle, which enjoyed similar popularity in North America. In 1999 the Mini was voted the second most influential car of the 20th Century, behind the Ford Model T.

This distinctive two-door car was designed for BMC by Sir Alec Issigonis. It was manufactured at the Longbridge and Cowley plants in England, the Victoria Park / Zetland British Motor Corporation (Australia) factory in Sydney, Australia, and later also in Spain (Authi), Belgium, Chile, Italy (Innocenti), Portugal, South Africa, Uruguay, Venezuela and Yugoslavia. The Mini Mark I had three major UK updates: the Mark II, the Clubman and the Mark III. Within these was a series of variations including an estate car, a pickup truck, a van and the Mini Moke—a jeep-like buggy.

The Mini Cooper and Cooper "S" were sportier versions that were successful as rally cars, winning the Monte Carlo Rally four times from 1964 through to 1967, although in 1966 the Mini was disqualified after the finish, along with six other British entrants, which included the first four cars to finish, under a questionable ruling that the cars had used an illegal combination of headlamps and spotlights. Initially Minis were marketed under the Austin and Morris names, as the Austin Seven and Morris Mini Minor, until Mini became a marque in its own right in 1969. The Mini was again marketed under the Austin name in the 1980s.

The Mini's suspension was, and is, a simple, elegant piece of art. Tiny 10-inch tires were especially developed by Dunlop to fit the car. The body wheelwells were made as small as possible to reduce interior intrusion, then the wheels were pushed as far out as possible to the corners of the car. This not only maximized interior space, but provided the best-handling stance possible.

Die Mini's Suspension wurde, und ist eine einfache, elegante Kunstwerk. Tiny 10-Zoll-Reifen wurden speziell von Dunlop entwickelt, um das Auto passen. Der Körper wheelwells waren so klein wie möglich zu Innere Intrusion reduzieren, dann die Räder geschoben wurden so weit als möglich an den Ecken des Autos gemacht. Dadurch wird nicht nur Innenraum maximiert, aber sofern die beste Handling Haltung möglich.

La suspension de la Mini a été, et est, un simple, élégant morceau d'art. Tiny pneus de 10 pouces ont été spécialement développés par Dunlop pour s'adapter à la voiture. Les passages de roue corps ont été aussi faible que possible pour réduire l'intrusion intérieur, puis les roues ont été poussés aussi loin que possible dans les coins de la voiture. Cela permet non seulement de maximiser l'espace intérieur, mais à condition que la position le plus maniable possible.

La sospensione del Mini è stata, ed è, un semplice, elegante pezzo d'arte. Tiny pneumatici da 10 pollici sono stati appositamente sviluppati da Dunlop per adattarsi alla vettura. Il wheelwells corpo sono state effettuate più piccola possibile per ridurre le intrusioni degli interni, poi le ruote sono stati spinti il più lontano possibile, agli angoli della vettura. Questo non solo ingrandito lo spazio interno, ma purché la posizione migliore gestione possibile.

Zawieszenie Mini było i jest, proste, eleganckie dzieło sztuki. Tiny 10-calowe opony zostały specjalnie stworzone przez Dunlop, aby pasowały do ​​samochodu. wheelwells ciała zostały wykonane jak najmniejsze ograniczenia wewnętrzne włamania, to koła zostały zepchnięte tak daleko jak to możliwe, na rogach samochodu. To nie tylko maksymalną przestrzeń wewnątrz, ale pod warunkiem, że najlepiej stanowisko obsługi możliwe.

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