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Jaguar XJ (X308)

The Jaguar XJ (X308) is a luxury sedan manufactured by Jaguar Cars between 1997 and 2003. It is an evolution of the outgoing X300 platform, and the exterior styling is nearly identical between the two generations. The major change was the introduction of Jaguar's AJ-V8 as the only available engine. Like all previous XJ generations, it features the Jaguar independent rear suspension arrangement.

The X308 kept much of the same exterior styling as the X300, with its rounded four-headlamp bonnet, low roofline, sloping tail, and wrap-around rear light clusters. From the front, the two generations can be differentiated by the shape of the indicator lenses (rectangular on the X300, oval on the X308), and by the shape of the fog lamps and lower valance air intake (both of which are more rounded on the X308.) The bumpers F/R were changed, the taillights had red/clear lenses, rather than red/grey lenses. The grill surround and badging was slightly changed. The headlight fixtures also included forward parking lights housed with the brights, new to X308.

3.2L240 bhp (179 kW; 243 PS)233 lb·ft (316 N·m)ZF 5HP24
4.0L290 bhp (216 kW; 294 PS)290 lb·ft (390 N·m)ZF 5HP24
4.0L supercharged370 bhp (276 kW; 375 PS)387 lb·ft (525 N·m)Mercedes-Benz 5G-Tronic W5A580


The base XJ8 came standard with more equipment than had been fitted to entry-level XJs in the past, including leather upholstery, alloy wheels, and air conditioning. The door mirrors and door handles are body-colored. The radiator grille, windscreen and rear window surrounds, boot lid plinth, and rain gutters were chromed, while the window frames remained matte black. Interior wood trim is walnut. Rear badging reads "XJ8".
For the home market in 2001, Jaguar began badging the XJ8 model as "XJ Executive", and fitted as standard rain-sensing wipers, a CD player, cruise control, and rear parking sensors.

La Jaguar XJ (X308) est une berline de luxe fabriqués par Jaguar Cars entre 1997 et 2003. Il s'agit d'une évolution de la plateforme sortant X300, et le style extérieur est presque identique entre les deux générations. Le principal changement est l'introduction de Jaguar AJ-V8 comme le seul moteur disponible. Comme toutes les générations précédentes XJ, il dispose de la Jaguar arrangement suspension arrière indépendante.

Jaguar XJ (X308) является роскошный седан фирмы Jaguar Cars в период между 1997 и 2003 годами. Это эволюция исходящих платформы X300 и внешний дизайн практически идентичен между двумя поколениями. Основным изменением стало введение Jaguar AJ-V8, как только двигатель. Как и все предыдущие поколения XJ, она имеет Jaguar независимых расположение задней подвески.

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